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Odina means divine creative inspiration and our inspiration lies in creating sustainable, highly-functional and fashionable swim and active wear. We proudly make everything here in California and with fabrics that are made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled fishing nets. Odina was founded in 2010 to fill a void in the swimwear industry for active women that wanted a fashionable bikini. We started with the best practices that were available at the time, to make a suit using eco-friendly materials that not only complimented a woman’s figure, but also her passions. We have worked with surfers and athletes, to inspire and improve the fit and functionality of our products over the years. These women are exploring the world, surfing jaw-dropping waves and helping the planet that they love, as they are testing our products. Every season the Odina team has been dedicated to improving the process, the materials, and the overall impact. Setting the standard in eco-swimwear, Odina has put thought into every aspect of production. From the fabric, which is made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles (PET or Polyester) and recycled fishing nets (Nylon), to the hang tags, which are printed with water base dyes on recycled post consumer cotton in Los Angeles, and even all of our marketing materials. In store displays are printed on wood and made with reclaimed woods and fishing nets. Promotional banners are printed on recycled PET fabric as well as our catalogs and post cards are printed on 100% recycled paper. Odina is committed to a truly sustainable business model. An Odina girl lives her life to the fullest but respects the earth and all its inhabitants, all the while looking great doing it!

Projects We Support:

Alison's Adventures

Alison Teal is a soul surfer, survivor, and adventurer. She spent her childhood home-schooled in a whirlwind of high adventure by her extreme expedition parents — her father being a world-renowned photographer who’s been numerously featured on the cover of National Geographic, and her mother a legendary Yogi.  Alison grew up living in some of the most primitive, inaccessible, and often dangerous mountains, jungles, and uncharted wilderness areas that cover the face of this planet.

Now that Alison is old enough to drive her own camel, she is setting off with her backpack and surfboard on wild bikini-clad adventures around the world, offering her viewers a special passport into her global family and their mind blowing cultures through humor and inspiration.

In each episode, Alison finds a local companion who guides her through their universe, and offers viewers a first hand look into their secrets to survival, sustainability, and happiness.

With Alison’s fearless passion for life, and comedic timing, she dives into communities living off the beaten path to unearth customs and curious traditions, investigate ancient myths and legends, and entertain audiences through storytelling that captures the mystery and intrigue of the cultures Alison grew up in.

Alison’s goal with Alison’s Adventures is to inspire and educate the kid in everyone through humorous entertainment that leads to action!


Reef Check










Founded in 1996, the Reef Check Foundation is a California based 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the world’s reefs. Reef Check’s mission is to empower local communities to protect and rehabilitate reefs worldwide. It does so through grassroots research, conservation, and education. Reef Check is the official community-based monitoring program of the United Nations and recognition includes the 2012 Katerva Award as the world’s leading ecosystem conservation organization. Reef Check’s 30,000+ volunteers monitor reefs worldwide. With an incredibly lean staff of 6 fulltime employees, Reef Check coordinates coral reef conservation in over 90 countries, as well as temperate rocky reef monitoring and conservation through its Baja and California programs. The foundation takes a grassroots approach to build independent teams of volunteer citizen scientists to monitor and protect reefs through scientific data collection and conservation in their local communities. Reef Check’s approach to community-based reef monitoring is unprecedented in its worldwide scope and continues to be one of the most important tools for the protection and conservation of reefs worldwide.


Expedition Research Vessel

Taking plastic research data all around the world! 

eXXpedition is a series of all women voyages to make the unseen seen, from the toxics in our bodies to the toxics in our seas. On the 16th of November 2014 eXXpedition launched the first mission with a crew of 14 women setting sail across the Atlantic Ocean in search of answers relating to the health of our environment and to the health of our bodies.

During an eXXpedition voyage environmental samples are collected to assess plastic and pollutants, feeding in these samples to wider studies investigating the impacts of toxics and plastics pollutants and linking this sampling to narratives of ecosystem health, personal health and the products we consume.

The eXXpedition crew also participate in biomonitoring with the UN founded initiative Safe Planet to assess personal exposure to known toxic substances. Through personal exploration of our internal environment(MeSearch) the aim is to better understand the levels of toxic exposure in women.

Through a shared mission to understand this invisible pollution the hope is to create a conversation which sheds light on the science of ecotoxicology and inspire positive actions to tackle the root causes.

Ocean Girl Project

The Ocean Girl Project Surfstainable Surf camps introduces girls to surfing and exposes them to other ocean activities in order to broaden their life experiences with a positive healthy non competitive activity that can positively impact their overall confidence and self-esteem. Our hope is to foster a love and appreciation for the ocean and environment, enhance self-confidence and connect kids to strong community role models. We teach sustainable ocean related activities that can benefit them now and all through their life. We offer support and low fee scholarships for families that are in need of assistance.

Our primary goal: To live and work simply and purposefully towards a common good for all.
Be a living example: Giving attention, investigation and transformation to what and where we purchase, what we support, promote, what we teach, what we might sell, and to bring that awareness into what is now or will be the accumulative effects on the islands, especially the ocean and its people.

 Beliefs into action: If we can reduce or eliminate further damage to the ocean by some of our alternative choices and sharing of ideas and solutions, we know more people, more businesses will be inspired to make changes that will impact our planet, bring forth solutions and power a powerful wave of humanistic responsibility and action.