Here is a couple clips to keep your mind off the cold… 
If you would really love to be an Eco Warrior, Team Athlete or Ambassador of our brand please email
with answers to the questions below and some photos showing you living the Odina lifestyle! 
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The Odina team is focused on getting talented eco friendly girls who have something to offer!
We like to call our girls “Ambasletes”, an Ambassador and an Athlete!
Our target market is strong active woman, therefore we prefer our team to be active!
Whether you are a surfer, blogger, yogi, singer, artist, etc we  want our women to be doing something other than looking good in our bikinis, although that is a plus ;)
If you want to be a part of our team here’s all you have to do!
  1. Write us a brief paragraph on why you want to be a part of the team. Including what you do in your daily life to be eco friendly, and how you would wear our gear in whatever activity makes you “active”!

  1. Show us your credentials! Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Blog, etc. Anything that shows us a little bit of who you are and what kind of following you have!

  1. If you have a resume, that is major bonus points! We want to encourage our girls to be more than “instagram models”.

  1. Photo of yourself doing something “active”